1980 Porsche 928  5 SPEED **Risky Business/Scarface**!!

1 Owner, purchased brand new at Camelback Porsche here in Phoenix Arizona..  always garaged, pampered and extensively well serviced, includes service records, owners manual and stamped factory maintenance log book..  rust free, accident free, Arizona car.. Collectible 1980 Porsche 928 **Risky Business/Scarface**  this is a similar early 928 Porsche with phone dials that was used in the movies Risky Business and Scarface.. I have 2 of these available, one automatic, one 5 speed..  both cars have been owned by the same Arizona owner since the early 80’s..  both cars have been extensively well serviced by the same local Porsche independent shop.. this car has been 3600 miles per year, 137k total mi, includes records documenting all services.. $19,995

Pictures, undercarriage pictures and Youtube video below..


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 photo IMG_1476.jpg
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