2000 BMW M5 E39   Dry Climate Car!!

2000 E39 BMW M5.. no accidents, dry climate car, spent most if its life in California, been here in Arizona for past few years..  always garage kept.. car has been serviced and maintained as needed over the years.. had all recalls done, airbag update was done and DME was updated by BMW dealer last year.. just had 4 brand new tires and 4 wheel alignment done, had all power steering hoses replaced, all differential bushings replaced, new wheel bearings, brakes, etc.. vanos is quiet and clutch is perfect, no syncro issues, all windows work, sunroof works, power seats work, ac and heat work, pixels are good, factory stereo still works perfect, just a great car.. factory silver metallic paint shows very well, with no fading, original black leather interior is also very clean, shows excellent.. always use correct BMW M series 10-60 synthetic oil, changed every 8k miles.. this is a great M5, and cleaner than most of these cars with 1/2 the mileage.. low mileage per carfax, only driven 10k per year, 176k, well below industry average, $14,995

CARFAX below..



 photo IMG_8915.jpg
 photo IMG_8916.jpg
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