2002 Mercedes AMG E55!!

85k miles, 2 owner Arizona Car.. This car has been customized from the ground up, First off the engine was rebuilt and studded at 50,000 miles to install forged pistons to handle the 8psi boost from the Customized Kleeman supercharger kit with an MP120 blower, heads were ported and polished, custom 1.80″ primary headers were made for the engine an run down to 3″ collectors and then continue out all the way to the rear through 2.6″ exhaust system. The entire exhaust system is made from 304 Stainless steel piping that was mandrel bent so there are no restrictions from the bends by Ardent Exhaust systems formerly Jakey Products (they supply Weistec and Evotec with their headers just to name a few). An S550 throttle actuator (98mm) was installed and then custom software from EvoTech.de and Rudy Motor Sports was used to make everything work together to make an every day driver out of it. Lots of other custom touches such as the engine driven fan was removed and a dual Bosch electric fan set up was installed to keep the engine at perfect temperature and the a/c blowing ice cold in even when its 120* + here in Phoenix Arizona. An SL65 heat exchanger as well as a high volume pump was used to keep the supercharger intake temps in a normal range and stop heat soak in stop and go traffic. Quaife Limited Slip differential to help get the power down to the wheels, which helped 1/4 mile times immensely and the everyday street-ability of the car.  The front fenders were custom cut from originals and NOT fiberglass, this means after ten years they are still perfect and not warped or cracked at all. The paint is near flawless on this car as its been garaged and pampered all its life (the entire front end has new clear bra), the interior is flawless as well as the both front seats had their leather replaced with factory Mercedes seat skins and yes the seat heaters still work. Windows, interior trim and all cosmetic items are flawless and working perfectly. The front brakes were upgraded to Brembo 4 piston calipers with 15″rotors and ceramic pads were installed all the way around. Eibach springs were used to lower the car and dual adjustable Koni performance shocks were installed to tame down the bump re-bounce that comes with lowering a car so it handles like it looks. Adjustable camber bolts were installed in the rear so the excessive camber can be adjusted out and limit tire wear associated with lowering a car. replaced the stock Xenon headlamp assemblies with Depo brand ones which have been converted to xenon using the Mercedes OEM parts, also the headlamp range adjusters were attached correctly to the new headlamps and do work!. there is over $50,000 invested in this car plus the cost of the car..   possibly the nicest W210 E55 in Existence!!    $21,995

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