2007 Corvette Z06, 17k mi, Procharger, Orange!!



2007 Atomic Orange Z06 2LZ Ebony Interior with Navigation 3LZ Preferred Equipment Package with Premium Bose Audio.. there are no dings, dents, or scratches to note.. car has clear bra on front nose to protect against rock chips.. interior is exceptional and shows no obvious wear.. car runs and drives perfect with no known issues, no check engine light, no idiot lights, no leaks, tires and brakes are excellent.. everything works as intended.. 17k miles, over $20k in upgrades.. intercooled supercharger/procharger, has full custom exhaust with headers, cats, B&B mufflers, upgraded aluminum high performance radiator, high flow intake, fuel system, etc.. engine runs a very safe 5-6 psi 91 octane pump gas tune making upwards of 750 Horsepower.. supercharger and clutch have less than 2k miles.. car idles smooth, supercharger is also very quiet.. drives like a stock Z06, till you step on it.. then hang on!!  super clean, no leaks, includes undercarriage pics below.. $41,995


 photo 20160922_155412.jpg
 photo 20160922_155418.jpg
 photo 20160922_155438.jpg
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 photo 20160922_160632.jpg

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